Prepare the conversation with the professor / supervisor

Conversations with the supervisor are not always the way you would imagine. Here is an example of how it should not run: A business student who wants to write a thesis, comes in the consultation of the professor. Student: “I would like to write about the subject xy my diploma thesis and have already read the book x.” Supervisor: “Yes, then you do it.” The student nods and leaves.

Prepare for the interview so that you get the most out of your diploma thesis. Define goals for yourself to reach in conversation. Create a short agenda so you do not lose the thread and bring conversation-relevant material with you. Making a brief synopsis on the subject will be very helpful to both you and the supervisor. Confront your supervisor necessarily with very crucial questions, for example, whether the task is to be mastered in the context of a thesis at all. The popular wisdom “who asks, who leads!” Also applies to such care talks.

The more intelligent, well-thought-out and precise the questions you ask the supervisor, the more you will gain enormously from the interview for your diploma thesis. It would be very advantageous to prepare the conversation with a “sparring partner”. Choose an experienced coach, with whom you discuss the contents of the conversation in advance and go through point by point in detail. You can play through the conversation in a kind of training situation and then go – accordingly well prepared – to your supervisor / professor.

An overview of the coaches working in US who help with the thesis can be found here

Care by a coach

If you find the supervision at your university unsatisfactory, you contact a coach who works outside the university. Graduate academics help you without time pressure and without the university hierarchy. It gives you the support that enables you to write a good thesis. Tips on how to structure your work, tips on the scientific working style and purposeful motivation are just some of the advantages that an external supervisor offers you.

On the next page you will find typical questions that supervisors and professors at colleges like to ask diploma students in conversation.

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