Medicine against writing blockades in the bachelor thesis

The university is the contact point for students who are not getting on with their bachelor thesis and are looking for very intensive care. All students who do a bachelor’s or master’s thesis can rent one or more weeks in the writing room. Each student receives an individual care here.

Writer’s block

Some students do not find a good start, others torture themselves sentence by sentence through the bachelor thesis. For some, it is difficult to complete one subtask and start the next one. In all cases of writer blockades, we stand by your side. We prevent you from favoring avoidance actions, such as tidying up, to writing your bachelor thesis. 

The writing coach

… ensures that the write flow does not falter. This task is performed by experienced psychologists and educators to inspire you. Before a text is put into the world, it needs a good thought. After that it’s about developing the idea – the saying goes, the author goes with an idea “pregnant”. Only in the third step is it necessary to write a structured text. If you only pay attention to how many pages of text he has written so far, the first two steps of the creative writing process will be unproductive. The writing coach can help you find a good balance between writing, thinking, researching and relaxing.

How do I become guest of the writing house?

It is very straightforward. You will contact us and we will ensure that you have a writing room and a contact person. You can stay with us until the write flow has started again. Direct contacts on site with sufficient time offer suggestions based on scientific methodology, even in the case of stubborn writer blockades. Thus, without the pressure of personal and academic environment difficulties are discussed, and the student is helped by this help for self-help in a position to successfully master his bachelor thesis.

Who we are

We are specialists in scientific work and convey these working techniques in conversation. In addition, we act as source of ideas and motivator. We discuss difficulties with you and put you through our help for self-help in the position to successfully write your bachelor thesis or master’s thesis.

Location / Directions

The writing house is located on the outskirts of New York. In a green location, shielded from the worries of everyday life, the facility offers a relaxation room for writing. You get your own room in which you sleep. You plan the individual project steps together with your coach. These include phases of reflection, discussion, writing as well as phases of regeneration in which you regain your creative power. We deliberately installed the writing room away from the bustling campus of the University of New York. So you can focus on your scientific project without disturbing distraction of the city.